Healing Environment 2015

Aug 07, 2013

The overlap between health, happiness, and ecosystems is largely untapped in the health care sector and full of opportunities. For SIGN we’ve created a range of new plant-based products for hospitals and care centres that contribute to a healing environment.


Access Garden

The Access Garden makes indoor and outdoor gardening accessible for all. Ergonomic, durable and accessible for elderly and wheelchair gardeners. It’s an indoor gardening table that provides a low-supervision activity for management and access to a popular activity for tenants. Tenants can live healthier, happier lives.


Pikaplant Library


The Pikaplant Library is a foolproof self-watering green wall, that let’s you borrow a plant and place them in your  room. Designed for care centres, hotels and offices to provide their clientele with a remarkable experience.




Jarplants provides an affordable consumer product that builds on an age-old tradition: giving flowers to loved ones who are ill. It does so through existing channels, florists located within or in close proximity to a hospital. People can now bring flowers to anyone in any ward, even if bacterial infection is a risk.