b-Eggy baby changing pad

Sep 17, 2013


For b-Eggy we designed a new baby changing pad. After a year designing and sourcing the healthiest most natural and ecological materials, we can say with proud that there is simply no other changing pad on earth quite like the b-Eggy. It’s the safer, healthier choice for parents and babies. It’s more functional. More beautiful, and more respectful to the planet too.

Safety & Beauty

b-Eggy was carefully designed for parents, babies, and the planet. Its organic, flowing shape gently frames your baby, while the super-soft double-catch safety belt is quick to fasten and extra secure.

Health & Comfort

We held b-Eggy to the highest standards throughout. We spared no cost in sourcing only the healthiest, most natural, materials that will love your baby’s skin.

Safety & Beauty

We’re conscious of our impact on the planet too. For example, we used a mix of polypropylene and renewable cellulose fibers for the silky shell, which wastes fewer fossil resources and makes the b-Eggy just as good for the planet as it is for your child.